Workshop Programme

Pre-Workshop Online Activities

1. Mapping the Challenge Space

A compilation video of quick-fire participant presentations is made
available to view on the Internal Documents page. Activity: Watch the video prior to the workshop.

Submitted participant position papers are made available for download on the Workshop Papers page. Activity: Read the position papers prior to the workshop.

2. Setting the Scene

Three pre-recorded talks are made available to view on the Internal Documents page:

  • Jürgen Steimle: New haptic technologies and interfaces for skin and rich materials
  • Carey Jewitt: The sociality and sensoriality of touch
  • Narges Pourjafarian: Multi-Touch Kit

Activity: Watch the recorded talks prior to the workshop. Note points of interest or questions for the real-time workshop Q&A: what connections, compatibilities & contradictions between the approaches do you see?

Real-Time Workshop Activities

Sunday 6th September, 2020, 10.00 – 13.00 (Central European Summer Time) 

10:00 Introductions

Introduction to the workshop (brief re-cap of the introductory views) & brief
participant introductions

10:15 Setting the scene discussion & Q&A

Sharing, discussing and mapping points of connection, contradictions,

10:45 Activity: the social and sensorial challenges of digitalising touch

This session will use the InTouch Designing Digital Touch toolkit to interrogate
the Multi-Touch Kit. Facilitators from both teams will work with participants in
break out groups (online and physically present). The focus is on exploring the social and sensorial challenges of digitalising
touch through the process of creating interface prototypes with custom-designed multi-touch input surfaces, rather than the production of working
prototypes. The activity will be organised into 3 x 20 min sessions around key
themes: materiality of touch, touch temporality, notions of interpretation, and
ethical design implications

12:00 Coffee Break

12:15 Discussion

Participants will draw on their experiences and activities to map the challenges/
opportunities for designing digital touch.

13:00 End

Post-Workshop Activity

The organizers and interested participants will collaborate online to draft a ‘Manifesto’ for the social and sensory design of digitally mediated
touch experiences to inform and support the design of future haptic technologies. 

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